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Check out some of my "special" pictures

At a unexpected moment, during a visit of the Spa-Francorchamps racetrack, I had the opportunity to get a close look at the Bentley EXP Speed 8, a car that ran at Le Mans 2001.


The realisation of this picture took me quite some time and effort. First I went to see the 1993 Tour de Corse, where Auriol finished 2nd, then I had to find a good picture, that I gave to a friend who works at TTE. He handed the picture over to the 1994 Rally World Champion who dedicated and autographed it.


At the 1993 Tour de Corse, looking for a good spot to take pictures. When Biasion missed the corner, I was there to capture it with my camera. A professional photographer took this picture where both Biasion and me are doing "our jobs". Funny detail : this picture appeared in all newspapers and Rally Review books...


A good friend of mine took this picture at Le Mans in 1996 and gave me a copy. It's the "Racing for Belgium" Ferrari 333 SP that abandoned in 4th place. Drivers Marc Goossens and Eric van de Poele, and teamchief Pascal Witmeur autographed my picture.


From time to time I try to draw a racecar. This was my first attempt to do the Ferrari 500 F2.


At the 2003 Spa 24 hours, I was standing at the "Raidillon" corner when Mike Hezemans lost control of his car due to a exploding left front tire. The Viper crashed exactly at the spot where I was standing, but not before I took a quick picture milliseconds before the crash. Luckily I was standing behind a concrete wall.


This is Kris Nissen in action at the 1993 ADAC GT-Cup at the Zolder racetrack. Kris Nissen is a fabulous driver and he always seems to manage to get the most spectacular car livery's!


The Porsche 917 K is one of the most beautiful racecars ever built, not to mention it was one of the best as well. It won Le Mans in 1970 and 1971, although this picture was taken at le Mans in 2003. You see David Piper at the steering wheel, who won this historic race.


"Didn't I see this picture in your 'close encounters' department?" you will ask. Indeed, you'll find this picture inthere. But a year after this photo was taken, my friend Carlos took it with him to Goodwood again and had it autographed by René Arnoux. So now I have a picture of René and me, autographed by himself.


In 2010 my Paddock friends and me decided to visit three car museums in Germany and France: The Schlumpf Museum in Mulhouse, and the Porsche and Mercedes Museums near Stuttgart. Here I sit in a Talbot Lago at the Schlumpf Museum.